BIGBANG G-Dragon is leading a relaxed “savage life”, sightings everything

Fans are running into BIGBANG G-Dragon everywhere across Korea.

These days, there have been more and more people randomly running into G-Dragon and taking photos with him. From leisurely riding a bike in broad daylight on the streets of Hannam-dong, Seoul, to leaving a friendly photo with fans he met while walking at night, the famous male idol seems to be everywhere.

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Those who encountered G-Dragon also expressed their surprise. For example, Afreeca TV BJ Park Garin said, “I’m so lucky today. I was dumbfounded. I met him in Apgujeong Rodeo Alley, and G-Dragon gladly allowed me to take pictures, saying, ‘You are a fan’.”


Another netizen who witnessed G-Dragon in Hannam-dong did not hide his excitement, saying, “G-Dragon made a peace sign and posed right in front of me.

A netizen who took a picture with G-Dragon while walking with his dog said, “Crazy. I met God (G-Dragon) today. I can’t believe there is a chance to meet him in person like this.”


In addition, eyewitness accounts keep popping up with various photos featuring G-Dragon, as people continue to run into G-Dragon while shopping for clothes.

G-Dragon is on a period of rest, focusing on his personal schedules outside of his group BIGBANG.

Source: Nate

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