A pretty actress who used to block her seniors from coming out of the class because of her popularity at school

This actress was really famous during her school days, and her beauty could even be comparable to Kim Tae-hee. She is Han Chae-ah.

After debuting through MBC’s sitcom “Elephant” in 2008, actress Han Chae-ah received so much love for her appearances in various dramas, such as “Bridal Mask”, “You Are the Only One”, “Introverted Boss”, etc. Last October, she made headlines for showing up as a cameo in the drama “The King’s Affection”, playing the Crown Prince’s mother.

han chae ah

Along with actress Kim Tae-hee, Han Chae-ah gained huge popularity for her outstanding beauty and was mentioned as one of the “Top 5 beauties in Ulsan”.

Appearing on a variety show in the past, Han Chae-ah talked about how she was so famous during her school days. She said, “When I was in the first year of high school, whenever I went to the classroom of my seniors, other oppas (older male students) kept showing their interest in me. As a result, many sisters couldn’t go out of their classroom even during break times.”

han chae ah

When asked, “According to alumni’s testimonies, there was always a team of boys riding motorbikes waiting for Han Chae-ah in front of the school, and that was why you never walked home. Was that true?”, Han Chae-ah explained, “A lot of people actually came and waited for me at the school gate, but they didn’t ride motorbikes.”

han chae ah

Meanwhile, Han Chae-ah married Cha Se-chi, the second son of football player Cha Bum-geun, in 2018 and is living a happy married life after giving birth to her daughter Cha Bom.

han chae ah

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