This actor shocked everyone by revealing that he had a hidden daughter at his peak of popularity

Actor Yoon Da-hoon’s daughter Nam Kyung-min got married.

On the broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program ”Mr. House Husband 2”, which was aired on January 1st, the wedding scene of Nam Kyung-min, Yoon Da-hoon’s daughter, was revealed.

nam kyung min

Yoon Da-hoon said, “She’s my precious daughter. I feel so heartbroken.” He then announced his daughter’s marriage and said, “I made a bet with my children to see who would cry first, but already cried right after entering the ceremony hall”, showing affection for his children.

yoon da hyun

In addition, it is said that Nam Kyung-min also shed tears when greeting her father. Nam Kyung-min and Yoon Da-hoon, daughter and father, looked at each other and their faces were covered with tears.

nam kyung min

Moreover, Yoon Da-hoon continued, “One of the reasons why I postponed my daughter’s wedding 3 times is that I wanted my wife to be at the ceremony”, adding, “Since she had to self-isolate for 3 weeks, she eventually couldn’t come.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Da-hoon, together with Jung Woong-in and Park Sang-myun, appeared in an MBC TV’s sitcom “Three Friends” in 2000 and gained explosive popularity.

In the middle of his heyday, Yoon Da-hoon suddenly confessed that he had a middle school daughter and announced his retirement, surprising everyone. At that time, Yoon Da-hoon revealed that he had his daughter in 1987 when he was still serving in the military.

yoon da hyun

Yoon Da-hoon’s daughter Nam Kyung-min is currently an actress. She has appeared in several works, such as “School 2013”, “Cinderella’s Stepsister”, “Thrice Married Woman”, etc.

nam kyung min


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