A series of Korean beauties who have their beauty enhanced thanks to plastic surgery

There are many Korean stars whose beauty and careers are both improved after plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is no longer a strange thing in Korea. Even so, besides successful cases, there are also people suffering from bad consequences. On the same note, there are some Korean stars whose beauty and careers are both improved after plastic surgery.

song ji a
The goddess-like beauties thanks to plastic surgery. (Photo: Twitter @MMLD_Official)

Park Minyoung is probably the first name netizens think of when it comes to plastic surgery. To have such radiant beauty, the actress has undergone many surgeries. However, if not paying much attention, many may think that she has never had surgery on her chin, nose, or eyelids. Therefore Minyoung is often called the “queen of plastic surgery” by the public.

park min young
park min young
The beauty of “secretary Kim” changed dramatically. (Photo:

Song Ji A is a hot beauty in recent days. She was noticed for her beautiful figure in the dating show “Hell Singles”. Her appearance is so perfect that many viewers question whether she has ever had plastic surgery. In fact, the YouTuber herself once admitted that she had her nose fixed before. Compared with her childhood photo series, it is true that after the surgery, Ji A has become much more attractive and beautiful.

song ji ah
She became sharper after having her nose fixed. (Photo: Twitter)

In the early days of her debut, JooE (MOMOLAND) was once considered the “ugliest” K-pop idol. She also had plastic surgery, which made her appearance look even less elegant. Until recently, the female idol suddenly “transformed”. JooE’s face became more delicate and neat, and her body was also clearly more defined.

momoland jooe
People were surprised by JooE’s change. (Photo: kpopstarz)

Before having the current sexy and seductive image, Jessi had a pretty trivial face. Therefore, she decided to have surgery on her nose, eyes and mouth. After that, the rapper also frankly admitted it to the audience. Despite being praised for her beauty thanks to plastic surgery, Jessi quite misses her gentle face before.

Jessi’s new look shows her individuality. (Photo: Kpop Wiki)

SISTAR’s Soyou also once shared that she had plastic surgery. The female idol said that she felt a lot of pressure when she read negative remarks about her appearance on social networks. Therefore, Soyou decided to have plastic surgery and now, she is known for her youthful and lively beauty.

sistar soyou
Her face looks much slimmer. (Photo: Twitter @parkheehyo16)

Unlike others, Minzy (2NE1) got involved in plastic surgery unintentionally. She revealed that she had severe rhinitis which affected her voice. Therefore, she needed the surgery right away, at that time her mom advised her to fix the nose to be more beautiful. Minzy then consulted the YG president at that time and received his support.

2ne1 minzy
Minzy had her nose fixed for health-related reasons.

Chaeyeon (DIA) is one of the new generation goddesses of K-pop. She brings a bright and pure beauty every time she appears. Even though people know that the female idol has surgery in the nose area, they aren’t upset. On the contrary, some fans even felt admiration when Chaeyeon had successful plastic surgery.

chaeyeon dia
She did not hesitate to share about her nose job.

It can be seen that all the above Korean beauties have become more attractive through a “restore” of beauty. Now, besides being praised for their beauty, these stars also overcome people’s criticism about plastic surgery.

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