Ryu Jun Yeol Wins Best Actor at the Korean Critics Choice Awards: “Winning This Eases My Guilt”

Ryu Jun Yeol has received the Best Actor award at the Korean Critics Choice Awards (Korean Association of Film Critics Awards)

The Korean Film Critics Association held the 43rd Korean Critics Choice Awards ceremony on September 21st at the International Conference Hall of the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Ryu Jun-yeol

The Best Actor award was given to Ryu Jun Yeol for his performance in “The Night Owl.” The Korean Critics Choice Awards organizers praised Ryu Jun Yeol, “Actor Ryu Jun Yeol played the role of a visually impaired acupuncturist in ‘The Night Owl,’ a character that was not easily encountered before and not a popular character among the public. In this context, Ryu Jun Yeol portrayed a character who, from the perspective of social minorities, needed to have persuasiveness. He embodied the visually impaired, an unseen character, through his expressions. Through his delicate acting, he allowed the audience to desire to see not just heroes but numerous protagonists within the story. Ryu Jun Yeol breathed life into the character.”

Ryu Jun Yeol expressed his thoughts, “After my debut, there were moments when I wanted to write ‘film actor’ under the occupation section on forms at immigration or elsewhere, but there were times when I couldn’t easily do that. I can’t pinpoint the exact emotion, but it could be embarrassment or shame. It felt like guilt, wondering if I can call myself a filmmaker just because I love movies. However, I am well aware of the weight of the awards given by those who enjoy and critique movies together. In the future, when introducing myself as a filmmaker, I think I can let go of the emotions I felt earlier.”

Ryu Jun-yeol

He also expressed his gratitude, “When I was studying acting at school, strangely, I didn’t have many opportunities to study films. However, after my third year, when I wanted to study films more seriously, there was a professor who helped me a lot. I couldn’t keep in touch often, but I’m grateful to be able to greet you here. You helped me a lot, and thanks to that, I was able to continue in the world of film. Lastly, I give this honor to God.”

Ryu Jun Yeol added a heartwarming note by mentioning, “My father is also here,” and further lightened the mood by saying, “I apologize for not properly answering questions about the background of the artificial insemination in ‘The Night Owl.'”

The Korean Critics Choice Award is an award presented annually by the Korean Film Critics Association to recognize outstanding films and individuals in the Korean film industry. 

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