A reunion happened at T-ARA Jiyeon’s wedding, close friends after 12 years?

Photos of actress Oh Yoon Ah and T-ARA member Jiyeon, which was captured 12 years after their last, are attracting great attention

On December 11th, Oh Yoon Ah left a message of congratulations to T-ARA Jiyeon, who got married on the 10th. In particular, the actress said on Instagram, “Congratulations on your marriage, Jiyeon-ah! You are so pretty. Jae Kyun is such a lucky man. I am happy.”

oh yoon ah jiyeon

Along with this, Oh Yoon Ah also released a photo taken with Jiyeon. The two gorgeous female celebrities were linking their arms together and boasting bright smiles on their faces, creating a friendly atmosphere.

In response, netizens congratulated Jiyeon on her marriage, and paid close attention to the reunion of Oh Yoon Ah and Jiyeon. 

Oh Yoon Ah T-ara jiyeon
Oh Yoon Ah T-ara jiyeon

Previously in 2010, Oh Yoon Ah and Ji Yeon worked together once in the KBS2 TV drama “Master of Study”. In the series, Oh Yoon Ah assumed the role of Jang Mari, an English teacher and president of Byungmun High School. Meanwhile, Jiyeon appeared as Na Hyun Jung, a third-year student at the same high school. As it has been 12 years since the drama, the continued relationship between the two draws attention. 

oh yoon ah jiyeon

Netizens who recalled “Master of Study” also left comments such as “It’s a combination from ‘Master of Study’!”, “I really enjoyed watching the drama, but has it really been 12 years?”, “Wow, how long has it been?”, “A lot of old memories are resurfacing”, and so on. 

On the other hand, Jiyeon and professional baseball player Hwang Jae Kyun tied the knot on December 10th in Shilla Hotel, Seoul. The wedding was attended by T-ARA members Eunjung, Qri, and Hyomin, idol-actress IU, BTS Jin, and comedian Park Na Rae.

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