Actress Kim Go Eun called this actor “oppa” after he successfully lost 16kg

Actor Jung Sung Hwa said he was called “oppa” by Kim Go Eun, who worked with him in the upcoming movie “Hero.”

In KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly Plus,” which aired on Dec 8th, Jung Sung Hwa and Kim Go Eun, the main characters of the movie “Hero,” joined an interview to talk about their upcoming movie.

jung sung hwa

In the movie “Hero,” which tells the story of the last year of Doctor Ahn Jung Geun’s life, Jung Sung Hwa played the role of Ahn Jung Geun, while Kim Go Eun played the role of independent army informant Seol Hee, a newly added fictional character.

During the interview, Jung Sung Hwa said he started losing weight when the director said he needed to go on a diet when he was offered the role. Jung Sung Hwa said, “When I received the offer, I was 86kg. I lost a total of 16kg to 70kg.”

jung sung hwa kim go eun

However, he added, “After showing my weight to the coach, I gained back 2kg a few days later. Eventually, I started shooting with 72kg.”

Jung Sung Hwa also drew laughter by telling behind-the-scenes stories on set. 

Jung Sung Hwa said, “I was cast in ‘Hero’ first, and later Kim Go Eun was cast, and personally, it was a real honor. It was an honor just to be able to act.”

kim go eun

He went on to reveal, “Kim Go Eun called me ‘oppa, oppa’. Thank you for treating me kindly,” and made Kim Go Eun laugh. Kim Go Eun countered, “When did I call you oppa?”

The chemistry between the two stood out as much as they worked together for a long time. Jung Sung Hwa showed off his extraordinary teamwork with Kim Go Eun, saying, “It almost feels like we are comrades. Before filming, we were colleagues, but after filming, we became comrades.”

jung sung hwa

Source: Insight. 

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