A stylist revealed the real personality of BLACKPINK Rosé: “We were together in London for 4 days”

A stylist, who worked with Rosé in London, only had praises for the female idol’s personality. 

Recently, Stylist A, who spent 4 days with Rosé in London, published a post on her personal Instagram about Rosé’s true character. 

Rose Blackpink

In her account, A said: “The 4 days I spent in London as a stylist for Rosé is an experience I will never forget. Rosé truly broke my perception of celebrities. She’s beautiful not only in appearance but also in her very nature.”

He also added: “For 4 days, Rosé was always thinking of other people first, and smiling despite her hectic schedule. I was deeply touched by her. Rosé, I hope you’ll always be happy.”


Apparently, the stylist was so impressed by Rosé, they had to share the anecdote. The post then became viral through hashtagging Rosés Instagram. 

Rose Blackpink

Seeing this, netizens on the Korean forum Nate started leaving comments like Rosé is perfect from visuals to personality”, “She has a good reputation among her acquaintances”, and “It is not easy to maintain such a nice character with such a position.”

Source: wikitree

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