Rumored to be the actress in her 40s attacked by her husband, actress Choi Ji-yeon reveals her position by delivering her recent status

Choi Ji-yeon directly denied rumors of her being the “actress in her 40s being attacked by her husband”.

On June 15th, Choi Ji-yeon released a daily life photo taken with her husband on Instagram. 

She added the caption, “Since this morning, I’ve seen many comments asking if I was okay… While wondering what happened, I was so surprised when I saw the article todayㅋㅋ We’re still living well!!^^*”.

choi ji yeon instagram

Meanwhile, Seoul Yongsan Police Station arrested A, a man in his 30s, on June 14th and they are investigating him on charges of attempted murder.

choi ji yeon instagram

A is accused of stabbing his wife B several times in front of their house in Itaewon, Seoul at around 8:40 a.m on the same day. B was later revealed to be an actress in her 40s.

Accordingly, A waited in front of the house and committed the crime when B came out. It is also known that A bought the weapon that morning. The police are investigating A to clarify the details of the crime. 

choi ji yeon instagram

Since the incident was reported, netizens have poured out many speculations about the victim’s identity. As the victim was said to be “a model-turned-actress in her 40s”, many people called out Choi Ji-yeon. Therefore, the actress seems to have made her recent post to refute the rumors. 

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-yeon married a composer in 2008. 

Source: wikitree

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