“The actress in her 40s who was attacked by her younger husband is not a top star… Secretly remarried”

The news that an actress in her 40s was stabbed by her younger husband caused a stir.

Meanwhile, the claim that the couple recently remarried is attracting attention.

On June 15th, former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled “The identity of the actress in her 40s in Itaewon? The reason why she hasn’t been revealed” through his YouTube channel.

In the video, Lee Jin-ho said, “The actress recently remarried secretly without even her acquaintances knowing. The person who caused this case is her remarried husband.”

According to the Seoul Yongsan Police Station on June 14th, the actress’ husband (A) was accused of trying to kill the actress with a knife right in front of her house in Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul. Afterwards, she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Fortunately, the injury did not affect the actress’ life. A was arrested at the scene and is being investigated on charges of attempted murder.


Lee Jin-ho explained, “A is said to have committed the crime during the separation period. There are actresses whose names are unexpectedly mentioned or inferred now because A’s existence has never been known to the outside world.”

However, Lee Jin-ho emphasized, “I want to make it clear that all actresses whose names are being mentioned or inferred aren’t the right answer.”


Finally, Lee Jin-ho asked the public to refrain from making reckless speculations, adding that the actress did not want to be known that she was the person involved in this case.

Meanwhile, the actress is a former supermodel and appeared in dramas and entertainment shows until recently.

Source: insight

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