Park Ha-sun confesses, “I’m afraid of the world after having a child”

“As You Want” Park Ha-sun showed her fear after seeing the extreme sports.

In MBN’s “Whatever You Want”, which was broadcast on Sep 15th, Shin Ae-ra and Park Ha-sun, who were the trip’s guides, went on a two-day, one-night trip to Danyang, North Chungcheong, with Jung Yu-mi and Lee So-yeon.

In this episode, the four enjoyed a ‘friendship trip’ while enjoying various extreme sports. They first challenged the zip line, showing a frightening yet thrilling reaction to the dizzying height.

However, Park Ha-sun expressed her fear, saying, “I don’t think I can ride this. I’m really afraid of the feeling of going down.” Park Ha-sun had wanted to try that ride for a while, but she confessed that it was difficult for her to take on the challenge because the trauma of the slide she experienced at the first destination was too big.

After Shin Ae-ra, Jung Yu-mi, and Lee So-yeon succeeded in succession, Park Ha-sun also gained courage and challenged the zip line.

The next course was the Alpine Coaster. After completing the safety training, while the members boarded one by one, Park Ha-sun was nowhere to be seen. Park Ha-sun stood behind alone, saying, “I am not originally like this, but after having a baby, I became afraid of the world.”

Shin Ae-ra said, “Park Ha-sun, whom I know, is a person with a strong sense of responsibility. Isn’t this program to experience the extremes? She can ride whatever she wants, but I was worried that she would ride because of responsibility. That’s why I just wanted to hug her.”

Source: daum

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