Red Velvet’s Irene Injured After Getting Mobbed At The Airport Recently

Girl group Red Velvet suffered a mob incident at the airport on their departure

On November 18th, Red Velvet completed their “Music Core” schedule and headed to the airport to leave for the Supersound Festival in Thailand.

Upon arriving at the airport, the members were surrounded by a large crowd of fans and reporters. Since there were not enough bodyguards, the crowd caused a chaotic situation and the members were seen struggling to move inside.

While getting through the crowd, Irene reportedly got pushed harshly from all sides. Amid such confusion, the female idol still tried to keep a calm expression and smiled when greeting fans. Also, she managed to reach her hands out to receive letters and gifts from fans

In a video taken at the scene, member Wendy even had to raise her voice and ask the crowd to move back in both Korean and English. In addition, Irene seemed to be so shocked that she could only walk slowly and was only able to get through the crowd with the help of Seulgi. Some fans noticed that Irene’s foot was injured. 

The situation at the airport has left the Red Velvet fans outraged. Many believe that the security team is understaffed and unable to control the chaotic situation.

Prior to this, Red Velvet fans were already upset when SM announced the wrong event location, yet it was the members who had to publicly apologize.

Source: K14

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