SNSD Taeyeon and Heechul talk about their future wedding plan in the show “Petkage”

On the show, Tae Yeon revealed her secret of maintaining her body physique and discussed with Kim Hee Chul about weddings.

Taeyeon and Heechul

In the latest episode of JTBC’s reality show “Petkage” aired on September 2, Tae Yeon shared the secret of how she takes care of her body. In addition, the conversation between Tae Yeon and Hee Chul about future weddings attracted the attention of the viewers.

In this episode, Hong Hyun Hee’s husband, Jason, joined the cast members instead of his wife, and they were searching for a playground for their dogs.

Being asked how he met his wife Hong Hyun Hee, Jason answered, “We were introduced to each other. After working together, we got married. However, I still feel like we are dating.”

In response to Jason’s story, Tae Yeon said, “I envy you”. Kim Hee Chul said, “The conversation about the newly married couple is interesting”. He added, “I wonder when Tae Yeon will get married. She’s a homebody so maybe she would just stay at home and not appear at her wedding on her wedding day.

Tae Yeon also replied, “Me, too. I also wonder how old I am when I get married.”

Jason said that he and his wife held a small wedding with about 20 people from both families. Kim Hee Chul made everyone burst into laughter with his big plan, “I’m going to hold my wedding at the largest stadium in Jamsil. How much wedding money will I receive?”

After that, Kim Hee Chul continued to ask, “How do you feel about marrying an actress? What would you feel when your wife does a kiss scene in a movie?”. Tae Yeon reacted, “ I don’t want to see it.”. Kang Ki Young also said, “I think it’s really hard for a couple who are actors to understand each other.” and the cast continued to talk about their future married life.

Then, the cast members arrived at an ocean view café recommended by Kim Hee Chul where also sells food for dogs.

Tae Yeon ordered a salad, and Kim Hee Chul immediately reacted, “You come here and order a salad instead of seafood?”

Tae Yeon replied, “Salad is my main dish. I like eating light food.” Kim Hee Chul was surprised, and he commented, “That’s why you don’t gain weight.”

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