FIFTY FIFTY receives two 4.5-star ratings for their “The Fifty” EP and the song “Cupid” 

FIFTY FIFTY is rising above the ranks in and out of Korea.

Until now, only 16 Korean albums have been able to receive 4.5/5 stars in the history of IZM – a music critique page run by the famous critic Lim Jin Mo. Among those rare gems is FIFTY FIFTY’s “The Fifty” EP.  Having been active for around 6 months in K-pop, FIFTY FIFTY made an impossible achievement by becoming the first idol group to get a 4.5/5 stars on IZM.

Before getting famous with the song “Cupid”, FIFTY FIFTY’s “The Fifty” EP scored 4.5/5 on IZM
Before getting famous with the song “Cupid”, FIFTY FIFTY’s “The Fifty” EP scored 4.5/5 on IZM

IZM is known as a community of critics and professionals in the music field. Their aim is to review all music works from in and out of Korea. According to music critic So Seung Geun, he remarked that it was the members’ vocal abilities that played key elements in their success. He said: “The two main vocals Sio and Aran navigate comfortably between modal voice and falsetto without interrupting the flow of each song, maintaining balance even while hitting high notes”. 

He praised the group straightforwardly to be a “prime example of positive results yielded from the meeting of good music with talented musicians”. Compared with other artists, FIFTY FIFTY is like “a natural melody that flows smoothly like water without going over the top, much like NewJeans, and with stable vocals reminiscent of MAMAMOO or Brave Girls”.


With vocal skills that “[do] not lose when put up against any of their peers in the 4th generation”, FIFTY FIFTY receives another 4.5-star rating with the track “Cupid”. Reviewer So Seung Geun continued by pointing out that the girl group maintained diversity without needing many transformations by modifying the rhythm in the intro. Aran and Sio’s harmonization combined with Keena’s rap parts created an overall complete piece of music for enjoyment.

FIFTY FIFTY is also making forays into more demanding digital music charts in and out of Korea. The group is expected to make more resounding success in the future. 

Source: billboard

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