“Rapper’s girlfriend”…BTS RM and Jungkook’s photo that is currently spreading rapidly on Twitter

A photo posted by BTS RM is receiving explosive attention.

On the afternoon of May 11th, the keyword “rapper’s girlfriend” is rapidly spreading on Twitter.


A trend called “rapper’s girlfriend” came up in the “Music · Real-Time Trends” section. Along with this, a photo circulated, which was none other than a two-shot of BTS RM and Jungkook.

On the same day, RM posted a four-cut image taken with Jungkook on his Instagram story. Jungkook, who has long hair, seems to have drawn attention by giving off a feeling of a rapper’s girlfriend.


Netizens left comments such as “It’s like a rapper and his girlfriend“, “Is this the birth of an official rapper’s girlfriend meme?“…

Meanwhile, Jungkook recently changed his hairstyle to short hair perm following long hair. He is drawing enthusiastic responses from fans with his pretty looks that are comparable to those of a girl group member.

Source: Wikitree

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