Irene looks like a goddess despite cold weather

Fans suggested that the stylist should have given Irene a coat, as the weather in Korea was very cold.

In the afternoon of November 22nd, Irene appeared at the opening event of a fashion store in Seoul, South Korea. The visual of Red Velvet had her traditional hairstyle and wore a simple set of clothes, including sweaters, jeans and a brown bag.

Fans commented that her clothes was too thin for the cold weather in Korea. “They should have given her some warm clothes,” one fan commented.

Irene just waved to the fans for a moment and hurried into the store.
At this event, Irene was praised for the high-end beauty. Her bold make-up style also helps her look fresher.

Many fans are overwhelmed by the beauty of Irene. The majority of people admit that, although the young and fresh idol girls are debuting more and more, no one can beat Irene‘s visual.

The flash cannot affect the beauty of Irene.
Not only did her visual get noticed at the event last night, the teaser pictures for Irene’s Really Bad Boy single also made fans go crazy.

Known as “queen of concepts”, Irene is beautiful in any style. Contrary to the dynamic, bright image in Power Up, the image of Red Velvet in this comeback is quite dark and girl crush.

Irene and Red Velvet will officially return to the Kpop race on November 30th

Source: Ione

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