Reasons behind BLACKPINK’s Instagram “Revolution”: Flawless pictures with ‘cover-worthy’ poses and major stream of revenues are the key 

BLACKPINK’s Instagram presence and successes are of a rare kind in the industry. 

Deriving popularity from BLACKPINK 

BLACKPINK members are extremely popular on Instagram. (Image: Pinterest) 

As a group under YG, BLACKPINK was able to gain vast popularity in a small amount of time. From their first song, the group managed to leave an impression with the public and became the sensation of the year. The heat easily drew the audience in to know more about these BLACKPINK girls. 

BLACKPINK received much attention from their first day of debut. (Image: Pinterest) 

Starting with BLACKPINK, the members built their own individual images and left their own marks in individual activities. Hence, the moment the members created their own Instagram, followers were streaming in. 

Currently, Lisa has 84.7 million followers with millions of engagement per post, coming in first place in terms of performance on the platform. Jennie also owns a huge 71.9 million followers, Rosé with 64.8 million and Jisoo 66.2 million. 

The members quickly established their own scope of influence. (Image: AllKpop) 

A sensation from visuals to fashion 

BLACKPINK has a reputation of a visually flawless girl group with Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé having stunning physiques and beautiful features. 

Blackpink thumbnail
BLACKPINK boasts visually stunning members. (Image: AllKpop) 
blackpink lisa
Lisa shows off a doll-like beauty. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)
blackpink rose mastermind thumbnail
Rosé boasts a seductive femininity. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

Fashion is BLACKPINK’s another positive point to the public with each member representing a high-end brand. Each look they wear quickly becomes a top trend. 

jung hae in jisoo
Jisoo is lauded for her beauty on par with that of “Miss Korea”. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)
blackpink jennie concert
Jennie boasts a stylish, high-class beauty. (Image: Instagram @Jennierubyjane)
blackpink jennie concert
 The rapper manages  to make her outfits extra stunning. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

‘Cover-worthy’ poses 

Magazine-shooting also allows the girls to know their angles and take great pictures for their Instagram feed. In everyday life, the girls know how to boast their granted beauty and fit figures.  

blackpink lisa
Lisa knows how to make herself stand out. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)
Jisoo is known for her calm and feminine images. (Image: Pinterest)
blackpink rose mastermind
Fans learn after Rosé’s creative poses. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)
blackpink jennie
The BLACKPINK girls know how to make themselves shine regardless of the background. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Their highly interacted posts bring any stream of hefty income from sponsored posts for represented brands, a rare achievement for any idols. 

blackpink lisa instagram thumbnail
Lisa earns a huge amount of income from sponsored posts. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)
Jisoo shows off a close relationship with her brand Dior. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa_)
Blackpink Jennie Beauty Kurly thumbnail
BLACKPINK’s influence opens up another channel of revenue for brands. (Image: Instagram @Jennierubyjane)
rose blackpink
BLACKPINK’s achievements are of a rare kind in the industry. (Image: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

Source: Yan News

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