Tang Wei shows off her friendly side in the photos taken at the filming site of “Decision to Leave” 

Actress Tang Wei revealed some photos taken during the filming of movie “Decision to Leave”.

Tang Wei posted several photos on her Instagram on July 3rd along with the caption “Just found these… All the pictures from the shooting of ‘Decision to Leave’. These memories are still surprisingly full of happiness.

The photos show Tang Wei taking commemorative pictures with other actors. The actress caught the eyes with her bright smile in the photos taken with Choi Sun-ja, Yoo Seung-mok, and Park Hae-il.

In particular, in the selfie taken by Tang Wei, director Park Chan-wook drew attention with a camera in his hands.

Meanwhile, Tang Wei plays the role of Seo-rae, the wife of the deceased, in the newly released movie “Decision to Leave”.

Source: nate

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