Female idol attracts attention for being 1m72 tall at the age of 12

Park Yuri is a trainee under the entertainment company OUI Entertainment. She just joined the show Stars Awakening.

On July 3, My Daily reported that Park Yuri – a 12-year-old contestant on the music show “Stars Awakening” – is becoming the focus of attention as she has an impressive height. The singer was born in 2010 and is a trainee under the entertainment company OUI Entertainment. According to the announcement of the production unit of the program “Stars Awakening“, Park Yuri is currently 1.72 m tall.

Most of the audience was surprised by Park Yuri’s height. They commented, “She’s still growing”, “They need to stop putting young trainees on survival shows and things like that. At this age, their voices aren’t guaranteed”, “Idol singers are now getting younger and taller.”

Park Yuri

On the same day, Stars Awakening was also criticized by the audience for the unfair treatment of the contestants. In the latest episode, the show eliminated the last 10 female contestants. This angered the audience. They claim that the female contestants did better than the male idols but were unreasonably eliminated.

“The girls were deceived because of the wrong rules”, “It was a big mistake because the girls on this show did better than the boys”, “This is the worst survival show of the decade”, “What the hell just happened?”, the audience commented, showing their outrage at the show.

Park Yuri

Stars Awakening is a Korean-Japanese cooperative reality show, created by Channel A and ABEMA. The show premiered on May 19 and is currently airing on Channel A in Korea and ABEMA in Japan.

The show consists of three categories: idol, singer-songwriter, singer, and candidates will have to go through individual or group examinations. At the end of the show, the judges will find out the winning individual or group. The show was originally scheduled to premiere on April 28 but was delayed due to Covid-19.

Source: Zing

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