Rapper San-E, who recently announced September marriage, revealed wedding photos

Further information about famous rapper San-E’s September wedding is unveiled

On August 23rd, San-E agency, Sameside Company, announced that San-E will marry a non-celebrity woman in Seoul on September 23rd.  

According to the agency, San-E’s bride-to-be is an ordinary woman who is two years younger than him. It is said that she possesses considerable beauty that is not inferior to a celebrity. However, no specific information about the rapper’s fiancée is disclosed, considering that she is a non-celebrity, and the wedding is also expected to be held privately.

San-E also directly announced the news of his marriage. On the same day, he posted a photo presumed to be a wedding pictorial on his personal SNS and added, “Yes! I’m getting married!” 

In particular, in the published wedding pictorial, San E is wearing a light purple suit and holding a bouquet in one hand. With his bright colored suit and neat hair and makeup, he smiled brightly with one hand in his pants pocket, creating a friendly atmosphere.

San-E previously gained popularity via sweet duet songs such as “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” (with After School Raina), and “Story of Someone I Know”. He also appeared on various famous rap shows, such as “Show Me The Money” season 3,4, and 10; Unpretty Rapstar season 1 and 2; and “High School Rapper”.

At 6PM (KST) on August 23rd, the rapper released a duet song “It’s sunny today” with the band RocoBerry. Accordingly, attention is paid to the progress of San-E, who resurfaces after various controversies and continues to be active by releasing a new song along with the announcement of marriage. 

Source: daum

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