“Living Barbie Doll” aespa Karina stuns fans with her surreal visuals on Music Core 

aespa Karina showcased her flawless visuals.

On the latest episode of MBC’s “Show! Music Core” that aired on May 13th, aespa performed their new songs “Spicy” and “Salty & Sweet.”


In the performance of “Spicy,” Karina appeared in a red dress, wearing knee-high socks and sneakers, exuding a refreshing and sporty charm. Karina attracted attention with her fair skin and slender figure.

Karina perfectly pulled off the blonde hair, completing a visual that made her look like she walked out of a cartoon.


Furthermore, Karina flaunted her large and beautiful eyes, sharp nose, and smooth jawline, receiving much praise from fans.

In the performance of “Salty & Sweet,” she showcased a captivating and mature atmosphere, emanating a different charm from the “Spicy” performance.

Many viewers commented, “The concept for this comeback suits her really well,” “She looks like a real-life Barbie doll,” and more.

Source: Insight

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