TWICE Dahyun: “I like painting as a hobby, because I can forget about other thoughts” 

TWICE Dahyun recently appeared on “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, where she unveiled a new point choreography of TWICE’s new title song.

In the August 26th episode of “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” (hereinafter referred to as “Fun-Staurant”, Dahyun, a member of famous Kpop girl group TWICE, appeared as a special MC. Here, the female idol reported the news of TWICE’s comeback and drew attention by presenting the point choreography of their new song “Talk that Talk”.

In particular, on “Fun-Staurant”, Dahyun showed a bright expression as she said, “The title of our new song is ‘Talk that Talk”, before revealing a point choreography where she cutely pinches her fingers and then straightens them. The “Fun-Staurant” then started to follow Dahyun’s moves, which is quite easy to learn. 

Among the cast members, Han Ji Hye managed to capture the characteristics of this point choreography and follow it in a refreshing way. Seeing this, MC Boom exclaimed: “You feels like an idol”, to which Han Ji Hye acted embarrassed. 

On the other hand, Dahyun also revealed her new hobby on this show. When Kim Gyuri, who appeared as a new chef, shared stories about her career as a painter, Dahyun expressed interest. She then said shyly: “I have been learning to paint for a while. Drawing flowers with acrylic, for example. When I draw, I can forget about other thoughts and focus only on painting.” “Paint flowers with acrylic. It was nice to be able to forget other thoughts when drawing and to only focus on painting.

Source: daum

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