The situation of Sam Okyere’s YouTube after Korea lost to Ghana at the World Cup 

After Korea was defeated in the game against Ghana, many K-netizens are leaving comments under the YouTube videos of Ghanaian TV personality Sam Okyere.

After Korea lost to Ghana at the World Cup in Qatar, some Korean netizens have expressed their anger. In the second leg of Group H of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar World Cup held on November 28th, Korea lost 2-3 to Ghana.

korea world cup

Cho Kyu Sung scored two goals in a row for Korea in the second half. With the score tied 2-2, Ghana’s key striker, Kudus, re-took Ghana’s lead by scoring another goal.

At the end, Korea had a corner kick opportunity, but referee Anthony Taylor did not give them a chance, and the game ended as it was.

korea world cup

While many people felt sorry for Korea’s defeat, they still gave encouragement and applause for the players who did their best until the end.

However, some netizens who could not calm down have posted malicious comments under the Instagram posts of Son Heung Min and Anthony Taylor.

Sam Okyere

In addition, malicious comments were even posted on the YouTube channel of Sam Okyere, a Ghanaian TV personality who is active in Korea.

Some netizens poured out intense criticism, such as “Did you buy the referee?”, “Go back to your country”, and “I came angry after watching soccer”.

korea world cup

Among them, racist remarks such as “Why are Ghanaian soccer players dark even though they won?” and “Ghana chocolate” appeared.

In response to these malicious comments targeting Sam Okyere, there were some netizens who apologized by saying, “Don’t curse at innocent people. It’s really embarrassing” and “I’m sincerely sorry.”

Sam Okyere

On the other hand, on November 27th, the day before the Ghana match, Sam Okyere posted a picture on his Instagram story with the caption, “The biggest failure is not to challenge.” It was not clear what Sam Okyere was specifically referring to. Some have interpreted that Sam Okyere is cheering for his home country, the Ghana soccer team.

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