Sam Okyere, racism and sexual harassment controversies → confession of difficulties… “I had no job during the past 2 years”

Ghanaian broadcaster Sam Okyere apologized for causing controversies over his racism and sexual harassment remarks and confessed the hardships he suffered in life after then.

On the August 19th episode of “PD’s Note”, Ghananian broadcaster Sam Okyere appeared and revealed his recent status.  

Sam Okyere

First of all, Okyere addressed the controversy of sexually harassing actress Park Eun Hye, saying: “I took a photo (with Park Eun Hye) and posted it on social media, but a friend left a comment saying, ‘If you fall into the charm of black people, you can’t come back’. My friend thought it was a joke, so I agreed. But this turns out to be sexual harassment.” 

Regarding his criticism that the brown makeup of Uijeongbu High School students was racist, Okyere bowed his head, saying: “The students said it was a joke, but to me, it was something serious.” 


He then continued: “I had to cover the students’ faces to post something like that, but I didn’t take care to do that by mistake. I didn’t contemplate things carefully back then. Now, looking back, it seems to have been a matter of expression. I should have said something like ‘it would have been perfect if they hadn’t colored their face in black.”

Sam Okyere

Okyere then confessed that he had not appeared on TV for 2 years since the controversy, he said that his life became difficult as profits from broadcasting disappeared.” 

“I was patient and asked my friends if they could help me. If there was a small event. I made a living little by little by playing the role of the MC at whatever event I can find. I didn’t make much money,” he admitted.


Okyere also discussed the stress caused by malicious comments. “I think I can handle curses to a certain extent. But I was surprised that there were so many swear words that crossed the line. Some people said they wanted to kill me when they saw me”, he shared.

Sam Okyere

Finally, the broadcaster said in deep regrets: “Don’t hate me too much. I hope you leave a lot of good comments.”

Previously, Sam Okyere accused high school students of being racist after they did a parody of a viral coffin dance by black people while wearing brown makeup. However, Korean netizens pointed out that the broadcaster himself made racist gestures directed towards Asians, noticeably the “slanted eye”

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