Another famous yet controversy-filled celebrity is getting married this September  

Famous Rapper San-E resurfaces after various controversies with wedding news 

According to a recent article from media site YTN Star, rapper San E will hold a wedding with his girl friend at a venue in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, on the afternoon of September 23rd. 

San-E previously gained popularity via sweet duet songs such as “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” (with After School Raina), and “Story of Someone I Know”. He also appeared on various famous rap shows, such as “Show Me The Money” season 3,4, and 10; Unpretty Rapstar season 1 and 2; and “High School Rapper”. 

san e

In addition, San-E has shown versatility not only as a rapper, but also in various entertainment shows, YouTube and SNS.

The rapper was originally under Brand New Music, but his contract was terminated after he made a series of controversial remarks about feminism. He also landed in hot water after a “spycam” controversy, and was accused of making light of the serious issue of spycam in South Korea. He was also accused of being rude towards Red Velvet Irene, having put his hand on the female idol and singing inappropriate lyrics while on the stage with her. 

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