Criticized for being “insincere”, Nam Tae Hyun deleted and reposted his apology over allegation of drug use 

Nam Tae Hyun took down and re-uploaded the apology he posted after a controversy over his alleged drug use erupted. 

On the morning of August 23rd, no apology was found on Nam Tae Hyun’s Instagram feed, but at 11:30 am KST, an apology was posted again. Nam Tae Hyun seemingly took down his original apology after the public criticized that it was not sincere.

Earlier, on August 20th, “Heart Signal 3” cast member and influencer Seo Min Jae posted a selfie taken with Nam Tae Hyun on her Instagram account, accusing Nam Tae Hyun of using methamphetamine and hitting her. 

Nam Taehyun

As the controversy over her post grew bigger, Seo Min Jae abruptly reversed her claims the next day. She said, “Yesterday, we had a fight. Both of us were in the wrong. Even now, I have lost my senses to the extent that I can’t remember exactly what happened. So, I uploaded a post that has nothing to do with the truth.”

nam tae hyun

Seo Min Jae added, “I am currently hospitalized because I was injured by mistake. I’m getting treatment so I’m posting this statement late.”

Nam Taehyun

On the same day (August 21st), Nam Tae Hyun also issued an apology through his personal Instagram, saying, “I apologize to those who may have been surprised by yesterday’s situation.”

Nam Tae Hyun explained, “We had a fight between lovers, but we made up. I am sincerely sorry for causing concern to so many people with personal issues.”

Meanwhile, the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul is currently conducting an internal investigation into Nam Tae Hyun, who is suspected of using drugs.

Source: insight

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