Unknown behind stories regarding the cast of “Our Blues”: from Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, to Han Ji Min

Hit K-drama series “Our Blues” boasted a star-studded cast, and along with it, various behind-the-scenes tales unknown to many people.

The K-drama “Our Blues” recently ended with remarkable successes worthy of its popular cast. However, alongside the writing and acting, there are also other elements that contribute to the series. Below are some fun behind stories of the cast that many people may not have known of

There’s almost no “Kim Woo Bin” on the K-drama map 

kim woo bin
“Kim Woo Bin” is actually a stage name
kim woo bin
The actor’s real name is Kim Hyun Joong.

As it turns out, the name “Kim Woo Bin” is just our beloved actor’s stage name, and his real name is actually Kim Hyun Joong. However, since this name coincides with idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Woo Bin opted for his current alias. At first, the actor found his new name super weird, and almost chose to promote as “Kim Hyun” instead. 

The Heirs
Kim Woo Bin almost chose “Kim Hyun” over his current name, but Lee Min Ho advised him against it.

Said scenario actually happened during Kim Woo Bin’s preparation for “The Heirs”, and Lee Min Ho could totally relate. In fact, Lee Min Ho almost became known to drama lovers as “Lee Min”, and advised Kim Woo Bin against the “Kim Hyun” option. Listening to his co-star, Kim Woo Bin resigned himself to the current stage name, and managed to become successful with it. 

Bae Hyun Sung is an avid fan of Kim Woo Bin

Bae Hyun Sung started to draw attention after his appearance in “Hospital Playlist”

Actor Bae Hyun Sung started to draw attention after his appearance in “Hospital Playlist”, and managed to secure his fame through “Our Blues”. The actor is now a relatively famous name in Korea, and has been receiving various pictorials and interview offers after his latest series. 

As a fan, the actor was extremely nervous when he first met Kim Woo Bin

As a result, Hyun Sung recently revealed in an interview that he has always looked up to Kim Woo Bin. Throughout his entire filming schedule, he always looked forward to meeting Kim Woo Bin, and ended up getting all jittery over it. He tripped over his words for a while, before finally announcing that he’s a big fan right in front of the senior actor. 

Roh Yoon Seo is a master artist 

Roh Yoon Seo
Roh Yoon Seo delivered a spectacular performance despite “Our Blues” being her first acting job

Coupled with Bae Hyun Sung in “Our Blues” is the rookie actress Roh Yoon Seo, whose role was actually her first acting attempt. Despite her inexperience, however, Yoon Seo managed to pull off a wonderful portrayal, and totally looked like an acting student. Nevertheless, as it turns out, Roh Yoon Seo actually majors in Western Fine Arts – a completely unrelated field. She’s really proficient in painting. 

Roh Yoon Seo
However, she actually majors in the arts.

As of the moment, many fans are left wondering if Roh Yoon Seo will pursue the arts or acting, since she’s so good at both. Of course, there’s always the option of doing it all.  

Han Ji Min’s ideal type is Gong Yoo’s iconic character 

Han Ji-min

Han Ji Min is known not only among fans but also colleagues for her friendly and cute personality. She easily becomes close to her co-stars after each project. She is like a “social butterfly” among actors. Eric Moon once chose Han Ji Min as the only actress he could befriend after acting alongside her. Jo Jung Suk also became friends with Han Ji Min after they worked together. Hyun Bin once said Han Ji Min was his most beautiful acting partner. 

Same goes for Gong Yoo. After becoming co-stars in “The Age of Shadows”, Gong Yoo and Han Ji Min developed an adorable friendship. Han Ji Min is even a huge fan of Gong Yoo’s drama “Goblin”. She loved the main character played by Gong Yoo so much that she wished to date someone like Kim Shin, who could appear immediately whenever she blows out candles. 

Shin Min Ah was chosen as the ideal type of many male stars

cha eun woo shin min ah

Shin Min Ah is without doubt one of most picked female celebrities by men to be their ideal types. Two handsome young actors, Cha Eun Woo and Choi Woo Sik, have both selected Shin Min Ah as their ideal types. Choi Woo Sik revealed that he likes tall girls like Shin Min Ah. Cha Eun Woo even chose Shin Min Ah over Song Hye Kyo as the person closest to the woman of his dreams. 

Kim Woo Bin Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin, who also once revealed Shin Min Ah was his ideal type, has been dating her for over seven years. Before they got together, Kim Woo Bin said multiple times that he was attracted to tall girls with a beautiful smile like Shin Min Ah. Needless to say, he eventually found his dream girl. 

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