Who is this year’s fashion icon? Jang Won Young, IU, Han So Hee, Im Yoon Ah, or Jennie

Here is a compilation of fashionistas who shone on red carpets, at airport departures and brand events, etc. to wrap this year.

Not only the trendy Y2K style but also the feminine and casual fashion, the diverse stylings of stars at public events are always the center of attention. 

IVE Jang Won Young

Jang Won-young

Jang Won Young always catches the public’s eye with her fashionable look regardless of where she appears at. Utilizing the strengths of her perfect body with tall height, small face, slim arms and legs, she pulls off various styles and shows her individuality. In particular, Jang Won Young often presents a lovely look reminiscent of a French girl with socks and high-top shoes as her airport fashion. As a person with a “chameleon” charm, she can naturally transform from an elegant goddess-like look on the stage to a mature atmosphere at official events. As a rising fashion icon, many people are looking forward to Jang Won Young’s fashion performance in 2023.



As singer IU has recently established herself as an actress, she is also showing a drastic transformation in fashion. This year, IU’s dresses on the red carpets of Korean and international film events made many hot topics. By adding a vintage vibe to her pure white dress, IU gave off an innocent atmosphere and emphasized her natural charm. IU’s long straight hair and light makeup also made her feminine side stand out. Her pure image continued to be seen whenever she appeared at airports for overseas schedules in plain clothes. IU presented a neat look with basic items rather than fancy decorations. 

Han So Hee

Han So-hee

Han So Hee always shows unique looks at the airport ahead of her departure. The actress, who has a confident attitude as an ambassador of a luxury brand, impressed netizens with fashion accessories that expressed her own personality. Her short outerwear, looking like a dress, boasts a chic atmosphere, combined with boots to further emphasizes Han So Hee’s sexy beauty. In addition to the feminine look, Han So Hee also presented her casual and sporty side by boldly mixing and matching trendy fashion items, such as tight-fitted crop tops, training pants, and heels.

Im Yoon Ah


Im Yoon Ah‘s fashion sense is always excellent. She looks fashionable in any style thanks to her unrivaled goddess beauty. The female idol-actress often appears in a variety of looks, ranging from glamorous and fancy to casual and natural through different styling. Unlike her elegant appearance on red carpets, Im Yoon-ah often takes advantage of pretty clothes that are easy to wear at various places and on different occasions. For example, her feminine atmosphere was clearly shown through this checked-patterned jacket, which looks simple but unique. In short, what completes Im Yoon Ah’s fashion is not her beautiful face, but her extraordinary sense.


Blackpink Jennie

Jennie is known as the original fashion icon with the nickname “Human Chanel”. Her unique fashion sense can be seen through her “bling bling” stage outfits. However, her cute and unexpectedly lovely charm always comes from her ordinary style. Jennie creates “sold out” marches with everything she wears. Fashion items introduced by Jennie, such as sunglasses, shoes, and fashion accessories, are loved as “popular items” named after her. Apart from her luxurious look at brand events, Jennie’s real charm, which is clearly revealed through natural stylings in bold dresses and comfortable training setups, also left deep impressions on the public.

Source: Star1

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