Nam Tae Hyun addresses fight with girlfriend Seo Min Jae + stays silent over drug controversy 

Nam Tae Hyun has personally spoken up on the controversy surrounding him over Seo Min Jae’s deleted Instagram post. 

On August 21st, Nam Tae Hyun posted on his personal Instagram, saying, “I apologize to those who must have been surprised by yesterday’s situation. It was a quarrel between lovers, but we made up well.” 

He added, “I am truly sorry for causing concern to so many people with a personal matter.” However, what caught netizens’ attention is Nam Tae Hyun did not comment on allegations of his illegal drug use. 

Previously, Channel A’s “Heart Signal 3” cast member Seo Min Jae posted a selfie taken with Nam Tae Hyun on her Instagram on August 20th. In the caption, she accused Nam Tae Hyun of using methamphetamine and hitting her.

Although the post was immediately taken down, it spread rapidly through online communities, drawing attention to whether it is true or not. Nam Tae Hyun’s agency did not reveal any particular position other than a vague statement that says, “We are confirming the facts.”

On August 21st, the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul was reported to have begun an investigation in relation to Seo Min Jae’s Instagram post. Not long after news of the investigation surfaced, Seo Min Jae clarified that she and Nam Tae Hyun are actually dating and the allegations she made against him were false. She made them up after they had a fight. 

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