Rapper Jessi has always believed she’d get married to “Six Sense 2” co-star Lee Sang Yup

Does this imply that Jessi and Lee Sang Yup will have a new ‘love story’ on ‘Six Sense 2’?

Recently, tvN’s variety show ‘Six Sense 2’ is receiving a lot of attention. In each episode, the cast members, together with a male guest (known as the Sixth Man), visit three different places (or people) of the hot issue. One of the three is entirely fabricated from scratch by the production team, and the cast members and the Sixth Man have to figure out which one is entirely fabricated, by using their “sixth senses” to analyze every detail of the three.

On the July 16 episode, the cast members were assigned the task of distinguishing between fake and real fortune tellers. Immediately, Jessi’s statement became the focus of attention.

To begin with, the first fortune teller the members encountered asked Lee Sang Yup, “Did you originally want to work in this career field? Your fortune has changed. Because of the luck that started to enter your life since you turned 30, many things have changed. You are slowly making your way into the wedding halls. You can start thinking about this in 2024.” 

“I always believed you’d marry me eventually,” Jessi remarked as she looked to Lee Sang Yup in answer. “Do you like Lee Sang Yup oppa?” Jeon So Min inquired after hearing this. “[Sang Yup] is my style,” Jessi said confidently.

Oh Na Ra then was taken aback when she heard Jessi’s frank answer and inquired, “What type of variety show is this?”

“I honestly don’t know how to respond,” Lee Sang Yup expressed his surprise.

The fortune-teller went on to say, “Lee Sang Yup will find a wonderful woman and live happily ever after. Lee Sang Yup will resign from his job when the two meet.”

In response, Lee Sang Yup remarked confidently: “I’d be willing to just focus on raising my child”. Then Jessi burst out laughing, saying, “I want to have a child too.”

Source: AK

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