Some predictions on the identity of the actor who lured Heo Yi Jae into having sex, “He has a bad reputation”

The issue of actress Heo Yi Jae’s being lured into having sexual intercourse by a fellow actor in the past has drawn much attention these days.

On September 11, entertainment reporter Baek Eun Young uploaded on her Youtube channel a video titled “I found out the married man who made Heo Yi Jae retire… What a pity.”


Regarding the actor in Heo Yi Jae’s case, Baek Eun Young stated that this person has a really bad reputation in the entertainment industry. It is said that he often gave random remarks, and his behavior changed a lot depending on whether the opponent was a top star or a well-known person, or a rookie. However, Baek Eun Young said she didn’t release his name because she might be sued for spreading rumors without accurate recordings or videos of the incident at the time it occurred.

On September 15, Youtuber In Ji Woong also expressed his position about this case through a video titled “The reason why what Heo Yi Jae said was true. It was because I’ve seen that many times”. In the video, he told about the actors with bad behaviors on set: “I worked in the entertainment industry for a long time as an idol trainer, and I would say those who have worked in the broadcasting field for a long time will know this. Some actors often disappeared for 1 or 2 hours during lunchtime or breaktime. I hope no one would be put in a similar case to Heo Yi Jae’s.”

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On the other hand, on September 13, entertainment YouTuber Lee Jin Ho demanded that Heo Yi Jae should reveal the actor’s real name because she already revealed numerous clues and people had raised various suspicions. Therefore, he wants Heo Yi Jae to take responsibility for her words. Youtuber Lee Jin Ho thinks Heo Yi Jae was irresponsible when she asked people to refrain from witch-hunting that male star.

Meanwhile, on September 10, Heo Yi Jae appeared on Crayon Pop Wei’s Youtube video and revealed that an actor asked her to sleep with him during a drama shooting in the past. Although more than a week has already passed, netizens are still trying to dìn out that actor. In this regard, Heo Yi Jae once commented, “I didn’t intend to attack anyone, so please refrain from witch-hunting him.”. However, the aftermath of the case is still strong.

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