Suzy boasts top-tier visuals even under the karaoke lights 

Suzy showed off her clear voice and pretty appearance in a karaoke booth.

On Feb 1st, Suzy’s management agency, Management Soop, posted a video on its official YouTube channel featuring Suzy in a karaoke booth, drawing attention.

Suzy karaoke

In the released video, Suzy was passionately singing the acoustic song “It’s Strange, With You”. Suzy’s clear, clean, and warm vocal tone, like the rolling jade beads, is pleasing to the ears. At the same time, Suzy’s cute and innocent beauty stands out.

Suzy karaoke
Suzy karaoke

At the end of the song, Suzy misunderstood the beat that should be taken at a tempo, and after making a small mistake, she showed a bashful smile, melting fans’ hearts with her cute embarrassment. 

Meanwhile, Suzy is currently filming Netflix’s series “Lee Doo Na!”, a romance drama about an ordinary college student, Won Jun, who meets Doo Na, a formerly glamorous K-pop idol leaving behind her celebrity days as they live together at a shared house.

Source: Nate

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