Big Bang Daesung to guest on “Living Together, Not Getting Married”: A signal of his variety show comeback?

Big Bang member Daesung will appear on the entertainment program “Living Together, Not Getting Married”.

According to an official in the broadcasting industry on February 1st, Daesung will participate in the recording of Channel A’s “Living Together, Not Getting Married” together with BTOB Seo Eun Kwang, B1A4 Shin Woo, and actor Jo Yoon Woo on the evening of the same day.

“Living Together, Not Getting Married” is an observation entertainment program that captures various aspects of couples living together. This program allows couples that decide to live together instead of getting married talks about the advantages of living together and their practical concerns.

Seo Eunkwang Woo Shin Jo Yoon Woo

Daesung, Seo Eun Kwang, Shin Woo and Jo Yoon Woo, who completed military service in the Igiza unit, will gather at the house of the cast who served in the military together with them. They will share talks about marriage, living together issues, and memories of their military life.

Daesung gained recognition for his entertainment skills when he was active as a member of SBS’s famous program “Family Outing” (2008-2010). Among Big Bang members, he was the most active person on entertainment shows. However, he has not shown his face on TV broadcasts for a long time after SBS’s “Fantastic Duo 2” in 2017. After being discharged from the army in 2019, Daesung paid more attention to Big Bang’s music activities, making it difficult for the public to see him on TV.

Still Life

Daesung recently made headlines as he showed up in the trailer of MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View”. Joining a TV show for the first time in a while, Daesung impressed everyone with his unique sense of entertainment even in the very short trailer. As the Big Bang member has confirmed his guest appearance on “Living Together, Not Getting Married”, viewers are raising expectations for his full-fledged return to entertainment activities.

Not long ago, Daesung left YG Entertainment to start anew. In this regard, he said in a video on his Youtube channel, “I make my step forward with a confident heart to face the unknown future that nothing can be foreseen in 2023. I will try to walk down this road silently and boldly”.

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