Rain rumored to once made Kim Tae Hee cry, the fight was so serious that they couldn’t look at each other?

Netizens found a rumor that Rain once made Kim Tae Hee angry because of work.

After 5 years of love, Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee officially got married on January 19, 2017. Since then, the couple has two daughters and an extremely happy life. However, recently there is a rumor that Rain was having an affair with a female golfer born in 1996. 

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Although it was denied by Rain’s management company shortly afterwards, the rumor still continued to be discussed by some netizens because according to them, “there is no smoke without fire”.

Park Gyeol

Recently, netizens have found another rumor about the conflict in Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s marriage. Earlier this year, Rain returned to the small screen in the drama “Ghost Doctor”, a doctor with an arrogant and selfish personality.

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To fulfill his role, Rain was reportedly immersed into the character. This was rumored to affect his marriage, causing him to yell at his wife and make Kim Tae Hee angry. An unconfirmed information reveals that the conflict between them was so serious they did not even look at each other.

Many netizens think that married couples having fights is very normal. Moreover, the nature of actors’ job is that they need to transform into their characters, so it is understandable that sometimes they get stuck in their role.

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While the rumor remains unconfirmed, during Rain’s filming for “Ghost Doctor”, Kim Tae Hee showed support for her husband by sending a coffee truck to the set with the message: “Kim Tae Hee wholeheartedly supports actor Jung Ji Hoon  (real name of Rain) and the entire cast of ‘Ghost Doctor’.”

Currently, although rumors of Rain cheating on Kim Tae Hee have been denied, some netizens remain suspicious of the actor. 

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