The man who confidently took off his bra on stage turns out to be this famous male idol 

This male idol drew attention by taking off his bra right on stage.

It’s 2AM member Jo Kwon. On December 19th, Jo Kwon posted a video on his Instagram with the caption, “Spotlight shining through the darkness.”

Jo Kwon

The video shows Jo Kwon preparing for the stage of the musical ‘Jamie’ back in 2020. Wearing high heels and tight-fitted shorts, Jo Kwon turned around during rehearsal and unbuttoned his bra, catching everyone’s attention.

Jo Kwon

He also danced across the stage wearing a red gown. Jo Kwon perfected his hot lingerie look with his unique expression.

The musical ‘Jamie’ depicts the growth story of Jamie, a high school student who secretly dreams of becoming a drag queen.

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon explained, “When I lived under the guise of Madonna as Jamie in the musical ‘Jamie’, it was difficult to untie my bra. I still shiver when I hear the sound of the opening bass. After all, I saw Jamie the drag queen on the screen. Jamie was very angry.”

Netizens left comments under Jo Kwon’s Instagram post, “Sexy and full of femininity”, “Unapproachable energy. Jo Kwon is the coolest”, “Cool back muscles”, “How can his body line be this pretty. He’s cool and pretty”, “So beautiful,” etc.

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon debuted as a member of the group 2AM in 2008, gained popularity by appearing in various entertainment programs as the character ‘Kkap Kwon’. He is attracting attention by presenting genderless looks by wearing high heels in everyday life through his Instagram.

Source: Wikitree

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