Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” ranked 90th in the world’s top 100 films… “Shakespearean sense of fate”

Director Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” ranked 90th on the list of the world’s top 100 films.

Sight & Sound, a film magazine published by the British Film Institute (BFI), announces a list of all-time best films every 10 years.

The list of the world’s top 100 films, which has been updated every 10 years since 1952, was conducted with the largest scale ever this year. 1,639 critics, programmers, curators, archivists and scholars submitted their top 10 works.


In the recently released list, “Parasite” ranked 90th along with Edward Yang’s “Yi Yi”. It was the only Korean movie on the list.

Writer Esther Leslie said, “‘Parasite’ has a Shakespearean sense of fate with humor, irony, horror and tragedy.”

Orson Welles’s “Citizen Kane” remained at the top from 1962 to 2002. However, it was surpassed by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” in the 2012 vote. This year, Chantal Akerman’s “Jeanne Dielman” took over 1st place for the first time. 


Top 10 Greatest Films of All Time chosen by Site and Sound.

  • 1. Jeanne Dielman (1975) by Chantal Akerman
  • 2. Vertigo (1958) by Alfred Hitchcock)
  • 3. Citizen Kane (1941) by Orson Welles
  • 4. Tokyo Story (1953) by Yasujiro Ozu
  • 5. In the Mood for Love (2001) by Wong Karwai
  • 6. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) by Stanley Kubrick
  • 7. Beau travail (1999) by Claire Denis
  • 8. Mulholland Dr. (2001) by David Lynch
  • 9. Man with a Movie Camera (1929) by Dziga Vertov
  • 10. Singin’ in the Rain (1951) by Gene Kelly/Stanley Donen

Meanwhile, “Parasite” tells the story of the meeting between two families, which begins when Ki Woo, the eldest son of Ki Taek – who is unemployed, steps into the house of President Park for a high-priced tutoring interview and causes an uncontrollable incident to happen.


“Parasite” became the first Korean film to win the Palme d’Or at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival and Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globe Awards. In addition, it also achieved various remarkable awards at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards (Best Film Not in the English Language & Best Original Screenplay), and the 92nd Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature Film)

Source: Daum

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