A comeback with high expectation, but Lee Hi is facing many criticisms for her performance this time

Lee Hi suddenly becomes the center of criticism even though she recently came back after 3 years.

YG is widely-known as an agency that likes to hide its artists in a “treasure box”. From BIG BANG, WINNER to BLACKPINK,…no one can escape the unexplainable schedule of this agency. And Lee Hi is no exception as she has disappeared for more than 3 years even though her talent is exceptional. After a long time of waiting and being mentioned on many platforms, YG finally released Lee Hi from their dungeon. On May 30th, this female artist was officially back with the album “24℃” and the title track “No One” has taken the domestic charts by storm.

Love and highly expected by many netizens, no one would have thought Lee Hi is being criticized on many forums by the netizens.

Most opinions said that on weekly music stages, Lee Hi lacks the professionalism and her original confidence, especially her stage control which is a must for a YG artist. Such an appraised artist of YG but she couldn’t meet this criterion while her partner on stage, B.I from iKON, was too professional and even overshadowed her.

[Comeback Stage] LEE HI(feat. B.I of iKON) – NO ONE “Show Music core”

Some comments from the netizens:

– “If you have watched both of her comeback stages, you would easily recognize the changes. Lee Hi in the past was more attractive on stage. She seems so emotionless now, it was like she just wanted to finish the stage so that she could go home.”

– “Maybe I put my expectation too high, but this comeback disappoints me. She seems so unnatural in front of the camera.”

– “Aside from the music, I’ve watched the stage and must admit that she looked so emotionless.”

– “Stiff performance, no confidence in her eyes, and no flaming energy like before. Such a talented vocal has gone to waste all thanks to YG.”

– “The music is great but her live stage is soulless. Maybe it’s because she’s back after 3 years. Or maybe the audience was expecting too much.”

– “The song is awesome but Lee Hi’s performance on stage is disappointing, it’s awkward somehow.”

Lee Hi is receiving many negative comments from the netizens after a long hiatus.

However, many have also stood up for Lee Hi. The main reason is said to be YG’s abandoning her for 3 long years. This has somehow affected Lee Hi, making her feel unfamiliar on stage and scared of the cameras. Also, an EDM track like “No One” still cannot showcase Lee Hi’s powerful vocal.

“Lee Hi voice is tinted with a sad color, and accentuated on her unique way of singing. Pop is not Lee Hi’s playground. This is why Lee Hi always seems so awkward on stage.”

“Pop EDM is not Lee Hi’s thing because it cannot showcase the Soul Jazz texture in her voice. The title track this time is just that, too much electronic beat along with a repetitive hook turns it into a boring song, even though it is very catchy. You will recognize Lee Hi more through 2 b-side tracks in the album which are “No Way” and “Love Is Over”. However, to me, Lee Hi is still doing great, there’s nothing to criticize about this comeback.”

“The music this time is very good, Lee Hi’s vocal is still as unique as ever, and goes quite well with this melody, but I must admit that it still lacks something. “1, 2, 3, 4” was strong, satisfying with all the powerful echo. I like “No One” but this one seems to stiff for her. The title track this time has failed to accentuate Lee Hi’s original unique voice.”

YG is the main reason why Lee Hi’s receiving so many different opinions this comeback.

Source: Kenh14

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