Post-debut moments of LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam that convince netizens she is problematic 

Many things Kim Garam said and did after she debuted made netizens shake their heads.

LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam is hands down the most controversial 4th gen rookie female idol due to the school violence allegations she is swept up in. Although HYBE has continued to defend Kim Garam and temporarily ceased her activities, with all the evidence released by the alleged victims that point at her problematic past, she is facing heavy criticism from the public and constantly asked to leave the group. Even after her official debut, many things Kim Garam did and said still annoy netizens. 


In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Kim Garam shared that when she was younger, she was really introverted and quieter than she is now. Netizens refuse to believe this because based on the exposed past of Kim Garam during her school days, she doesn’t seem to be the type of shy and quiet kid at all. 

Kim Ga-ram

In an introductory video, when asked what she wanted to be called after debut, Kim Garam answered “Ending Fairy”. Given her unclean past, many netizens called Kim Garam “shameless” for wanting this nickname. 

Le Sserafim Kim Garam

Kim Garam was also accused of having a disrespectful attitude toward other members of LE SSERAFIM. Specifically, in a relay dance video of “FEARLESS”, when it was Yujin’s turn, Kim Garam was caught on camera imitating Yunjin’s signature shaking head dance, followed by a wide-eyed, pouty expression. 

Le Sserafim Kim Garam
Le Sserafim Kim Garam

In a behind-the-scenes video, when asked to compliment Sakura, Kim Garam looked at Sakura up and down, said her nose was pretty, and suddenly burst into laughter, making Sakura confused. Netizens claim Kim Garam’s “compliment” sounded fake and it seems more like she was pretending to be close to Sakura while mocking her nose. This is not groundless because in one of the accusations against Kim Garam, she was said to badmouth Sakura before her debut, saying Sakura looked like a “plastic monster”. Not to mention, when Sakura was first introduced as a member of LE SSERAFIM, she immediately came under suspicion of undergoing a nose job. 

When LE SSERAFIM appeared on Music Bank to promote “FEARLESS”, the moment Kim Garam shared the same frame with IVE’s Jang Wonyoung drew much attention. This is because, during her alleged bullying past, Kim Garam was said to hate Wonyoung. Her friends even wrote “LE SSERAFIM up, IVE down” on the school board before Kim Garam debuted. During the backstage interview with MC Wonyoung, netizens said Kim Garam was the only one who looked somewhat uncomfortable. 

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