This is the sign of success, “The Witch 2” reached 4 million views in one day after the trailer was released

“The Witch 2” is receiving hot responses as soon as its teaser trailer is released.

The teaser trailer for the movie “The Witch 2: The Other One” (hereinafter referred to as “The Witch 2”, directed by Park Hoon-jung), which will be released on June 15th, is causing an explosive response as soon as it is released online. “The Witch 2” is an action movie about what happens when different forces pursue “The Girl,” who survived alone and ran away from a devastating secret research institute, for different purposes.


The teaser trailer for “The Witch 2,” which was first released on May 12th, announced the return of “The Witch Universe” after four years amidst welcome greetings, proving the public’s extraordinary interest in the “The Witch” series by recording 4 million cumulative views online only a day after its release, faster than any best-anticipated works this year.

From the appearance of Doctor Baek (Cho Min-soo), Jang (Lee Jong-seok), and Cho Hyun (Seo Eun-soo) who are chasing the whereabouts of “The Girl” (Shin Si-ah), who was selected as the new witch through a competition rate of 1,408:1, to Kyung-hee (Park Eun-bin) who are watching them, the teaser trailer for “The Witch 2” features characters with different purposes one after another, raising expectations for the performance of various characters in “The Witch Universe”, which has become even bigger.

Netizens who watched the teaser trailer expressed their feelings, saying, “My heart stopped beating” (Twitter_@A*), “It’s finally here. I thought my neck almost break” (Youtube_Inni****) How many years have I waited for this? I can’t wait any longer'” (YouTube_Kiske c*****) “The trailer that’s worth waiting for” (Instagram_resia*****), and “Crazy. Can’t believe they are back even more strongly?” (Instagram_ei*****).


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