“Avengers” star Jeremy Renner in critical condition after an accident while plowing snow

Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner (51 years old), who played Hawkeye in “Avengers” series, was hospitalized in serious condition after an accident.

Jeremy Renner’s side said to the U.S. Variety on December 1st (local time), “Jeremy Renner was injured after experiencing a weather-related accident while plowing snow earlier today”

Jeremy Renner

They continued, “We can confirm Jeremy is in critical but stable condition with injuries”, adding “His family is with him and he is receiving excellent care.”

Details including how and where Renner was injured are not yet confirmed. However, it is known that Renner has been staying at his home in Washoe County, Nevada, USA for several years. This area in northern Nevada has experienced heavy snowfall from recent storms.

Jeremy Renner

Renner also posted a photo of “Snowcat” on his Instagram in 2015. A snowcat is a type of vehicle that is designed to be easy to move around snow-covered terrain.

Jeremy Renner debuted in the 1995 film “Senior Trip”. His performance in the film “The Hurt Locker”, released in 2009, earned him a Best Actor nomination at the 82nd American Academy Awards. He is best known for playing Hawkeye, a member of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jeremy Renner

Source: Wikitree. 

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