“The Glory” Park Sung Hoon, Lee Kwang Soo’s doppelganger… Running Man members’ reaction when meeting him in person

The looks of Park Sung Hoon and Lee Kwang Soo, who are so similar that even members of SBS’ entertainment show “Running Man” are confused, are drawing attention from netizens.

Recently, Park Sung Hoon‘s appearance on SBS’ entertainment show “Running Man” last year was captured and spread on various online communities and SNS. At that time, Park Sung Hoon attracted attention with his similar appearance to the point where he was nicknamed “Lee Kwang Soo‘s doppelganger”. When Park Sung Hoon appeared, Running Man members were surprised, “I thought he’s Lee Kwang Soo.” While starring in SBS’ drama “Joseon Exorcist”, he looked more like Lee Kwang Soo because of his long hair for the role in the drama. In particular, Yang Se Chan, a member of Running Man, pointed to Park Sung Hoon during the recording and said, “Kwang Soo! Oh, you’re not Kwang Soo.” That day, Park Sung Hoon admitted, “As I grew my hair, my nephew also told me, ‘Isn’t it Lee Kwang Soo?’

Running Man

One netizen commented that whenever it came to Jeon Jae Jun’s scenes in Netflix’s recently released drama “The Glory”, they thought of Lee Kwang Soo and couldn’t immerse themselves in the story. In “The Glory”, Park Sung Hoon plays Jeon Jae Jun, one of the perpetrators who bullied the main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) during her school days.

Running Man
Running Man

Another netizen said, “I’ve been laughing like crazy since I saw the comment of someone pointing out that ‘The Glory’ characters Jeon Jae Jun and Ha Do Young look like Lee Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk. It’s not that they look alike, but it’s annoying to see the similarities as I gradually watch the drama. I’m tired”, drawing laughter.

Other Internet users in online communities reacted, “They look more alike because of their hairstyles”, “I’m surprised to see two Kwang Soo”, “Every time I saw Jae Jun while watching ‘The Glory’, I was like, ‘Kwang Soo?’”, “Doesn’t Yoo Jae Suk in the photo where he takes off his glasses look like Ha Do Young?”, etc.

lee kwang soo

“The Glory” tells about the desperate revenge plan designed by Moon Dong Eun, who suffered terrible school violence during her school days. The drama proves its global popularity by recording the highest cumulative viewing time (counted from Jan 2nd to Jan 8th) in the non-English TV Series category on Netflix.

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