Police says they respect the court judgment in Seungri’s case and will not reapply for a warrant

The police aim to finish the investigation undisruptedly before Seungri’s enlistment on the 24th next month.

Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyun), whose arrest warrant has been rejected, leaves the Jungnang Police Station in Jungnang-gu, central Seoul, on May 14th afternoon.

Police said they respect the court’s rejection for a warrant by refusing to reapply for singer Seungri (29). The related investigation plans to wrap up before Seungri’s enlistment.

We respect the court’s judgment based on the results of yesterday’s hearing on the suspect before his arrest,” a source from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on May 15th.

The previous day, the Seoul Central District Court rejected an arrest warrant for Seungri and his business partner Yoo who is the former CEO of Yuri Holdings, on charges such as embezzlement. The court said there was “a room for dispute” over the key charges.

The police plan not to reapply for Seungri’s arrest warrant. They explained that the investigation has already come to an end, and even if they apply again, they can’t guarantee the issuance.

It is difficult to apply for the application again at the end of the investigation,” a source at the Seoul Metropolitan Government said. “We will do our duty to ensure that the investigation is not disrupted and carefully examine the reasons for the warrant rejection.

Police are expecting the end of the investigation within this month. They plan to wrap up the investigation as quickly as possible before Seungri joins the military scheduled for April 24th.

Source: nate

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