BLACKPINK Lisa greets fans in an allegedly controversial position at the “BORN PINK” concert in Singapore

BLACKPINK Lisa’s position while greeting fans is receiving backlash.

After BLACKPINK’s first night of performance in Singapore, fans are releasing clips containing the memorable moments at the concert. One particular video stood out. In the released video, BLACKPINK Lisa was recorded approaching the audience area near the rear of the stage.


However, when Lisa attempted to interact with fans, she was in a squatting position while wearing a short skirt. It created an awkward situation, especially when the fans in the area were close to her.


A fan was seen taking out their phone to take a photo of the idol. However, the main dancer quickly left the spot to move to another location. 

Sexy outfits are a staple in Lisa’s wardrobe and fans applaud her strong embrace of a sensual image. Nonetheless, this outfit choice can pose a risk to the idol.


Previously, BLACKPINK Jennie also performed onstage in a sexy outfit. It was a bra and a pair of hot pants with a jacket layer on top. The idol’s sitting position also revealed a sensitive part, quickly driving the audience to look away.


Under the clip, netizens criticized the rapper for an “inappropriate” sitting position, more so when the image was projected on a big screen. They called out Jennie for posing in an allegedly “sensitive” image.

Source: saostar  

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