“Is it Jaejoon who bullied Song Hye-kyo?” Park Seong-hoon is actually a talkative and gentle person

On the 12th, a video titled ‘Introducing Dr. Park Seonghoon’ was released on BH Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

Park Seong-hoon stood in front of the camera to show off his soondae soup mukbang after finishing the Netflix original ‘The Glory‘ production briefing. After receiving the production team’s recommendation for mukbang content, he was ready to accept despite being busy.

Park Seong-hoon said, “I love soondae soup. Actually, my favorite soondae soup is a different place. It’s called Yaksu soondae soup,” he said, showing excitement.

park sung hoon

Park Seong-hoon, who arrived shortly after ordering soondae soup and alcohol, explained, “Rather than soondae rice soup, this place’s soup may feel closer to pork and rice soup. Its broth is very clear.” Then, after showing the list, “I loved finding good restaurants for a long time and even keep a list of them.”

park sung hoon

He also revealed that he had received a fixed panel offer for the ‘Wednesday Foodtalk’, saying, “Due to a schedule conflict and other issues, I couldn’t join, but…” Park Seong-hoon drew attention by showing off his somewhat talkative charm while eating.

park sung hoon

Meanwhile, Park Seong-hoon drew attention for his role as Jeon Jae-joon, the villain who inflicted school violence on Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) in the ‘Netflix’ released last year.

the glory poster

Source: Nate

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