Joy hinted at her relationship with Crush on the radio, “I’m not lonely, and I have to be careful”

Netizens have recalled Red Velvet Joy’s statement on the radio, proving that she had given a hint of her romantic relationship with Crush.

In the morning of August 23, Joy appeared on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”. It is said that the radio had been recorded before the dating news of Joy and Crush broke out.

joy crush dating

Being asked “How much do you earn?” by Park Myung Soo, Joy answered, “I don’t have a fixed schedule, so the amount of money I earn also fluctuates depending on my activities”. She added, “However, I can still buy any food that my younger siblings want to eat. I can also buy steak for you if you want. But in fact, I don’t want to do that.”

Park Myung Soo asked, “Do you know that you are pretty?” and Joy honestly replied, “Yes”. Joy explained, “Because I’ve been trying hard to make myself look pretty. I’m a hard-working person. I do exercises a lot and also take good care of my health.”

Then, Park Myung Soo asked, “During the activities, have there been any time that you feel lonely?” and Joy replied, “I’m not lonely. I also have to be careful and worry about many things.” After hearing Joy’s answer, listeners of the radio suspected that Joy was actually hinting at her relationship with Crush.

joy crush dating

Joy and Crush met each other as seniors and juniors in the entertainment industry; then, they developed into lovers. On the same day, Joy’s company, SM Entertainment, released their statement, saying, “Joy and Crush had feelings for each other, and they recently started dating”. P-Nation, Crush’s company, also confirmed the rumor: “After meeting each other as seniors and juniors, they developed feelings for each other and are now dating.”

In April last year, the two worked together for Crush’s first single, “Mayday”. Moreover, they found out that they have the same hobby of raising puppies. It seems that their common interests in music and hobbies helped them develop a love for each other.

joy crush dating

Joy’s group, Red Velvet, has released their new album on August 16 and is promoting the title song “Queendom”. Their album swept various charts and gained many achievements, including No.1 in domestic digital and physical charts. They also topped the iTunes Album Chart in 51 regions globally and ranked No.1 in the digital album categories of the China QQ Music chart and Cougou Music chart.


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