BTS Jungkook selected as Calvin Klein’s ambassador?…Super strong “Jungkook effect”

BTS Jungkook appeared in the official video of Calvin Klein, raising expectations for becoming an ambassador and showing explosive popularity.

At 8 PM on March 27th (KST), global lifestyle fashion brand Calvin Klein posted a video expected to be a pictorial teaser through its official SNS account along with the caption “same time tomorrow?”


In the video, a man wearing a denim jacket is standing with his hands in his pants pockets in a black and white background.

In addition, his strong muscular body revealed through the jacket and superior physique with a golden ratio made women’s hearts flutter.


In particular, the face was exquisitely covered, but the tattoo on the back of the hand suggested that it was BTS Jungkook. Calvin Klein’s Twitter video post boasted super popularity by recording 2.09 million views in 30 minutes and 6.26 million views in 2 hours.

The post surpassed 100,000 likes in 17 minutes, becoming the first post to hit 100,000 likes on Calvin Klein’s Twitter account.


Also, the post reached 100,000 likes in the shortest time on Calvin Klein’s Instagram. On Instagram Reels, it also proved the “Jungkook effect” by recording 10.04 million views in 6 hours and 28 minutes.

Fans showed reactions such as “Jungkook’s Calvin Klein pictorial is already making a fuss”, “Physique, face, ratio, Jeon legend”, “Calvin Klein is doing a good job. My heart starts beating fast”…

According to Calvin Klein, another pictorial will be released at 8 PM on March 28th, drawing keen attention from global fans.

Source: nate

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