Park Min Young plans to make a comeback after ex-lover controversy, “I want to play a character that is a little crazy”

Actress Park Min Young mentioned her next acting project.

Park Min Young attended a cosmetics brand event in Tokyo on June 8th.

When asked how often she visits Japan, Park Min Young replied, “I really like Japan so I’ve personally come there several times”. Revealing that she likes Japanese food, “There’s nothing I don’t like. If there’s any must-go restaurant, please let me know”.

park min young

When it came to the sections for fans’ questions, Park Min Young was asked, “What are the things you do every day without skipping?”. In response, she said, “The most important thing is health, so I take supplements and do Pilates every day”. Regarding the things she’s into these days, the actress shyly shared, “It’s drinking whiskey. Japanese whiskey is especially good, so I drink one glass every day”.

Receiving questions about the roles and works she wants to try in the future, Park Min Young expressed her intention to make a comeback. She said, “Since I’ve acted in lots of romance dramas, I want to try a project without romance or a character that is a little crazy”.

Lastly, she confessed, “I want to spend more time meeting Japanese fans in person in the near future. I will definitely do it, so please look forward to it”, expressing her extraordinary affection for Japanese fans.

Meanwhile, Park Min Young was embroiled in dating rumors with businessman Kang Jong Hyun, who was suspected of being the real owner of Bithumb’s subsidiary in October last year. According to revelations, Park Min Young’s sister was an outside director of that subsidiary, leading to suspicions that Park Min Young might have received benefits from Kang Jong Hyun. However, Park Min Young’s agency denied all allegations and emphasized that the actress had already broken up with Kang Jong Hyun.

On February 13th, Park Min Young appeared at the prosecutor’s office because of the allegations surrounding her former boyfriend.

Source: Nate

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