Viewers puzzled by Uhm Jung Hwa’s image and dictation on “Doctor Cha”, a shocking truth is revealed

“Doctor Cha” continues with its best performance regardless of controversies over the leading lady’s voice and image.

Doctor Cha” is another sizzling hot medical drama on air at the moment, apart from the high-ranking “Dr. Romantic Season 3”. The series stars Uhm Jung Hwa as a housewife resuming her medical career after years of dedicating her life to family affairs. While the drama continues to be the talk of the town for the plot and the acting of the cast, netizens are paying more attention to the image of Uhm Jung Hwa’s character and her voice. 


Specifically, viewers noticed that Uhm Jung Hwa looked aged in the drama. Some thought she could have played a much older character. In comparison to Uhm Jung Hwa’s character’s mother-in-law, they are not too different concerning age. 

Uhm Jung Hwa and her mother-in-law in the drama 

Moreover, they also pointed out the strangeness in the actress’s voice. They stated that Uhm Jung Hwa’s voice was hoarse and her dictation was unclear. Nevertheless, netizens stumbled across an interview the actress did before “Doctor Cha”. She confessed to have fought with thyroid cancer and even lost her voice for 8 months due to the numbers of surgeries she had to undergo: “It was really hard for me back then. I think my personality changed after that incident. I became more timid and grateful for every little thing”.


Despite the ongoing debates, the drama is currently on its best performance. The drama recorded 12.9% rating, surpassing the initial one-digit viewership ratings of earlier episodes. The actress also expressed her joy, stating she cried over the love she received from fans. With that in mind, she was not too bothered about the negativity toward her.

Source: JTBC

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