INFINITE Expected to Make a Full Group Comeback after 4 Years for 13th Debut Anniversary

2nd gen boy group INFINITE reunites as a complete group after four years to celebrate their 13th debut anniversary.

On May 7th,INFINITE announced their return as a full group through their official social media accounts and YouTube channel, revealing news of their 13th anniversary live party.


The live party will be streamed on their official YouTube channel on June 9th, and will feature all 6 members: Kim Sung Kyu, Jang Dong Woo, Nam Woo Hyun, Lee Sung Yeol, L (Kim Myung Soo), and Lee Sung Jong.

Due to members enlisting in the military one by one, L was serving in the Marines during their 12th anniversary, and Nam Woo Hyun was unable to join them for their 11th anniversary. 

Therefore, this reunion of all members after approximately 4 years since their release of “CLOCK” in 2019, is highly anticipated by their fans.


INFINITE made their debut in the K-pop industry with their first mini album “First Invasion” and its title track “Come Back Again” on June 9th, 2010. INFINITE impressed the public with their outstanding vocals and sharp dance moves, which were not typical of rookie idols at the time.

Afterward, INFINITE solidified their position as one of the most 2nd generation male idol groups with hits such as “BTD (Before The Dawn)” which became popular with their scorpion dance, along with “Be Mine”, “Paradise”, “Destiny”, “Bad”, and “The Chaser”.


Despite concerns of possible disbandment due to the expiration of their contracts with their agency, Woollim Entertainment, INFINITE has continued to uphold their position that they will not disband. 

Recently, it was announced that Kim Sung Kyu has been registered as the CEO of INFINITE Company, and that they have acquired the trademark rights related to INFINITE from Woollim Entertainment. Thus, it is expected that INFINITE will make a full group comeback soon.

Source: Wikitree

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