TWICE Nayeon drank for 3 hours at Young Ji’s house, so drunk she gave out signatures

TWICE member Nayeon revealed an interesting anecdote about herself while being drunk.

Recently in a behind-the-scenes video for TWICE’s MV “Talk That Talk”, Nayeon discussed the time she filmed for “My Alcohol Diary” with famous rapper and TV personality Lee Young Ji

In particular, the female idol said, “I drank for over 3 hours at the time. And then I got so drunk, I gave out my signature to a next-door neighbor. They ended up editing that scene out of my episode, however.” 

Fellow TWICE member Chaeyoung then chimed in, saying, “She was so drunk she even chased after the neighbor and called them. ‘Come here!! Let me sign for you!’, she was telling them.”

twice nayeon

At this, Nayeon jokingly argued, “That’s untrue! They asked for my signature!!!”

Meanwhile, TWICE Mina joked that being the neighbor of Lee Young Ji must be fun, since so many celebrities go to the area.

Source: fb

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